How to Attract Consignors to Your Shop

Do you want to operate a profitable consignment store? Then, you must know having a consistent supply of high-quality merchandise to stock your racks and shelves is essential. However, getting those crucial consignors might be difficult, particularly in the beginning. Consignors often go towards well-known shops since they want to be sure they will optimise their earning potential. Building your consignor base requires creativity and initiative on the part of a smaller or newly established consignment store. Convincing consignors that your business is the best retail partner for their belongings requires careful planning and work. The good news is that you can start attracting consignors and expanding your inventory using tried-and-tested marketing strategies and recommendations.

Who is a Consignor, and Why Do You Need It?

An individual or organisation that gives their products to a consignment store so they can be sold is known as a consignor. They serve as the consignment shop’s suppliers by supplying the inventory needed to keep it stocked with goods for sale. Consignors are the lifeblood of a consignment shop, offering a wide variety of goods for sale without the upfront expense of acquiring inventory; therefore, attracting them is essential to the enterprise’s success. Consignors contribute to upkeep of a diverse and up-to-date inventory and the shop’s financial performance by earning commissions. Consignment stores can forge solid alliances, grow their inventory, and eventually boost their income potential by luring consignors.

But how can you boost your consignment services? Let’s look in the following section on practical tips to achieve it.

Practical Ways to Make Your Shop More Consignor-Friendly

Here are some practical ways that can help you make your shop attractive to consignors

●     Provide Reasonably Commission Rates

If you want to grow, you must know that offering attractive commission rates is crucial in attracting consignors to your business. To ensure your rates appeal to possible consignors, look up the commission rates of other consignment stores in your neighbourhood. Consider instituting tiered commission rates depending on item value to encourage consignors to bring in high-quality things.

●     Establish a Smooth Consignment Procedure

Establishing long-term connections and fostering trust with your consignors requires making the consigning process simple and comfortable for them. To make dropping off and picking up items easier, give clear instructions and label supplies. Be flexible when arranging appointments to create a great consignment services experience and meet your consignors’ hectic schedules.

●     Use Social Media to Promote Your Store

Utilise social media to promote your store and draw in consignors. Make fascinating accounts on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to display your products and post images of consignors’ latest inventory. Highlight their success stories to encourage other top-selling consignors to consign with you.

●     Create Referral Programs to Boost Verbal Spread

Word-of-mouth is one of your most effective tools for drawing consignors into your store. Establish referral schemes that reward current consignors who recommend their friends and acquaintances. To encourage your current consignors to tell others about your business, consider giving them presents, store credit, or higher commission rates for successful referrals.

●     Connect with Businesses and Local Groups

Networking with neighbourhood organisations and companies can improve your reach and draw in new consignors. Make an introduction to pertinent local organisations and offer to speak at their meetings on consigning. Connect with other local small companies to exchange promotional content and access new networks of possible consignors.

●     Organise Unique Events to Increase Traffic

Organising unique events is a terrific method to get customers and new consignors to your store. Organise events such as sample sales where consignors may browse markdowns or pop-up stores at local markets and festivals. To get the most visibility and attendance, promote your events online and in-store.

●     Communicate with Former Consignors

Keeping in touch with previous consignors is essential to keeping them interested in consigning with you in the future. If consignors have yet to return, follow up with them occasionally to see if they have any fresh stuff to consign. When you run low on a particular inventory, remind consignors to bring in those high-demand products by sending out reminders.

●     Make a Program for Consignor Loyalty

Establish a loyalty program to thank consignors for their ongoing support of your store. Consignors who consign with you frequently or reach milestones can receive lowered commission rates, first access to sales events, or special promotions. Consignors might be encouraged to consign more things and to remain with your business by offering incentives like a loyalty program.

●     Highlight Testimonials and Success Stories

Share success stories and endorsements from happy consignors to establish credibility and trust with prospective consignors. Draw attention to instances where consignors have significantly benefited from working with your store, such as when they have sold their things swiftly or made sizable gains. Genuine testimonies can persuade potential consignors that choosing to consign with your company is wise.

●     Give Extra Benefits or Services

Consider providing extra services or advantages to make consigning with your business even more alluring. For instance, you can provide storage options for big or bulky things or expert photographic services to present consignors’ goods in the best possible light. By offering value-added services, you can set your store apart from rivals and draw consignors looking for more assistance and convenience.

●     Participate in Local Markets and Events

Engaging in neighbourhood gatherings and markets is a great way to meet possible consignors and advertise your store. Set up a booth or table to display your shop’s products and interact with consumers at fairs, farmers’ markets, and community events. Distribute leaflets or other marketing content to inform people about consigning with your store and entice them to get in contact.

●     Partner with Bloggers or Influencers

Reaching out to bloggers or influencers in your niche might expand your pool of possible consignors. To promote your business and consignment services, find influencers or bloggers whose audience fits within your target market and work with them. To create excitement and draw in new consignors, consider giving them special discounts or rewards to share with their followers. You could even organise collaborative events or giveaways.


Drawing consignors to your store requires a multifaceted strategy that includes consignor follow-up, staging special events, using social media and networking, developing a smooth consigning procedure, and providing attractive commission rates. These tactics can help you draw in consignors regularly and develop a profitable company. Follow these strategies and see your consignment services grow.

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